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Find Bloom Live Budder Near You

Try our new, dabbable 1g live resin, now available in the following CA stores: Canna Sylmar – 13509 Hubbard St., Sylmar, CA, 91342 Coastal Dispensary – 1019 Chapala St. , Santa Barbara, CA, 93101 From the Earth – 2675 NORTH VENTURA ROAD, #107, Port Hueneme, CA, 93041 Healthy Herbal Care – 7123 SEPULVEDA BOULEVARD, Van Nuys, CA, 91405 iLYFTED Studio City – 11422 Moorpark St., Studio City, CA, 91602 iLyfted/Compassion Union […]

Introducing the New Bloom Vape!

After months of intensive product development, Bloom is proud to announce the 3rd generation of the BloomVape! In order to update you properly, here’s some questions we’d like to address:  What changed with the 3rd generation?  Well, pretty much everything. The plastic window of the cartridge changed from plastic to glass. The mouthpiece changed from […]

Lets Get Scientific: Cannabis & it works with our bodies.

Cannabis is rapidly becoming more accepted in American society as a recreational drug. With the ascension of its popularity, comes increased research in how it works, its effects, and its potential utility. Let’s start off with the fundamentals: Part 1: Localization of the endocannabinoid system:First off let’s talk about about what an Endocannabinoid System is. […]

Talking Terpenes

Terpenes. By now you’ve heard of them, but do you really know what they are, or more importantly, what they do? Terpenes are the naturally occurring aromas and scents found in all kinds of herbs, plants, and fruits. Why is it important to know what they do? From orange peels to fresh pine, these powerful scents […]