Celebrating Latin Roots: A Collaboration by Mesobis and Bloom

In honor of Latin Heritage Month, we are pleased to announce a collaboration that aims to pay homage to the deep roots and impact of Latin culture on the cannabis industry and beyond. Mesobis, a Latin American cannabis lifestyle brand and Bloom, a trailblazer in the Los Angeles cannabis scene, have come together to launch products with latin origins in both the cannabis and fashion spheres. 

With this collaboration, we aspire to unite the wisdom of the past with the innovative spirit of the present to spotlight Latin culture and its intersection with the evolving world of cannabis.

Bloom presents “Colombian Gold”

With a profound appreciation for the Latin American roots in the LA cannabis scene, we are proud to introduce a unique Latin American landrace strain in Bloom’s Live Surf line. Hailing from the Santa Marta mountains in Columbia, this strain carries notes of lime, herbal, and skunk, promising a tranquil yet focused energy, akin to a golden dawn promising a day filled with potential. You can find this product in select dispensaries beginning the week of September 18th, and try it for the first team in LA at our launch event at Mister Green – RSVP Here.

Mesobis reveals the “Modern Guayabera”

The timeless Latin garment, the guayabera, undergoes a thoughtful transformation, capturing the collaborative essence of Mesobis and Bloom. Handcrafted with dedication in Mexico, these linen shirts represent a sensitive fusion of tradition and contemporary style, serving as a gentle nod to Latin Heritage Month and the rich, diverse Latin culture. Mesobis and Bloom will also be dropping graphic tees available first at our event on September 16th – RSVP here!

Find these looks and more at https://mesobis.com/collections/mystical-madnesss

A Tribute to The Culture and The Community

But this collaboration is more than just a festive venture; it’s a tribute to the resilient Latin Americans who have significantly contributed to the cannabis industry and the vast agricultural landscape in the U.S.

With this campaign, we hope to illuminate the indispensable role of agriculture workers, the very essence of our community, whose efforts fuel our industry.

To amplify the positive impact of this initiative, a portion of the proceeds from this collaboration will be directed to support the efforts of Justice 4 Women. This organization tirelessly works to advocate for migrant women, predominantly Latinas, who form a significant portion of the workforce in the agricultural sector. Learn more about their work and learn how to donate here. 

All purchases of Mesobis products on its website for the next two weeks and/or any direct donations to Justice 4 Women will enter you into a raffle to win a care package from both Mesobis and Bloom. Please send us a screenshot of your donations as your entry ticket to info@thebloombrand.com with the subject line –”Latin Heritage Month Raffle Entry.”

Welcoming You to Join the Journey

As we stand at this juncture, where traditions find renewed expressions and deep roots continue to nurture fresh growth, we invite you to join us in this celebration of Latin heritage. Together, we aim to foster a more inclusive Latin American segment in the cannabis market, recognizing and celebrating its rich roots and vibrant traditions.

Let’s come together to appreciate, to learn, and to mark this Latin Heritage Month as a step towards more collaborative and inclusive endeavors in the future.

Here’s to Latin Heritage Month, here’s to unity, and here’s to a brighter, more inclusive future!

Warm regards,

Mesobis and Bloom