Colombian Gold: Strain History

When Bloom and Mesobis decided to partner up for Latino Heritage Month, it was a no-brainer to pay homage to a strain that had true Latino roots. While Latinos’ contributions to the cannabis space are immeasurable, from the consumer end to the agricultural component, there aren’t a lot of Latino-based strains being cultivated in the space.

“We want to move the industry forward in a way that celebrates culture by offering new product variety with unique stories and histories,” says Nelson Cury, Co-Founder of Mesobis.

That’s where this uplifting sativa comes in. High from Santa Marta mountains in Colombia, Colombian Gold is a limited edition live strain landrace strain that Bloom and Mesobis are proud to offer.

Uplifting, happy, and mellow– think a cerebral high that’s giving you all the good feels. Notes of lemon lime are just part of the herbaceous, skunky profile that makes up Colombian Gold; it’s one of those strains that are great for novices, all the way to the expert smoker.

Bloom and Mesobis hope this is just the beginning of introducing audiences to Latin America’s unique strains, people, and culture.

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