Shopping for Cannabis Online: What NOT to Do

COVID-19 has altered the shopping world from physical stores to online shopping carts. With this new, easily accessible territory comes great responsibility. There are tons of scams and frauds out there and we want you to avoid them all. Follow these tips when making online cannabis purchases:

The DO’s for shopping online for cannabis:

• Ask your shop or delivery service for their license number if one is not displayed on their website or social media account. Always verify with our team if you cannot find one.

• Continue buying from your regular licensed shop or delivery service. Most stores are offering curbside pickup or delivery options and they need your business now more than ever.

• Call ahead to make sure the items you want are available.

• Check for verified test results and batch ID numbers on the label. Our team is happy to verify batch #s for you! 

• Look for deals on BLOOM via the Demo Calendar on our website or through a legal shop. Follow us on Instagram (@thebloom_brands) or contact us directly for the latest promotions and discounts!

The DON’Ts for shopping online for cannabis:

NEVER purchase BLOOM in a state where BLOOM is not sold. BLOOM products are ONLY available for purchase in legal stores throughout California, Nevada, Washington, New Mexico, and Oklahoma. We will NEVER ship or deliver products across state lines (the same goes for the legal shops). 

• Order from unverified or unlicensed delivery services. Many counterfeiters are taking advantage of COVID-19 and making websites that resemble legitimate deliveries. 

• use Instagram, Snapchat, or other forms of social media to conduct transactions. Legal retailers will always ask for ID and have a website and phone number for transactions.

• Be enticed by “too good to be true” deals. Counterfeiters and scammers often price their goods significantly below market value to lure customers looking for the best deal.