Top Vape Tricks for Beginners

We know you’re here to add a little extra style to your sessions, and we’re here to help you do just that. Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned pro in the vaping game, knowing a few cool vape tricks can take your experience from average to impressive. Plus, it’s fun! 

Before we dive into the tricks, there’s a bit of housekeeping you need to do. First things first, ensure your device is fully charged. There’s nothing worse than running out of juice in the middle of a trick. And, of course, keep your stock stashed with fresh carts. Not into cartridges? No worries – disposable vapes are perfect for vape tricks. 

As you’re practicing, remember not to fully inhale every time – unless you’re planning on achieving a pretty serious high. And always practice these tricks in a calm, wind-free environment. Now that we’re set, let’s hit it!

Mastering Vape Tricks

Ready to rock some smoke signals? We’ve lined up some beginner-friendly tricks that are sure to make you the life of the party.

The Classic: Vapor Rings

This is the OG of vape tricks. Here’s the rundown: take a long drag without inhaling, then shape your mouth into an ‘O’ and tap your cheek to push out the vapor in ring form. Once you’ve got this down, you’ll be the Gandalf of your vape circle.

Bubble Up: Blowing Vapor Bubbles

Wanna take it back to the childhood bubble-blowing days? Grab a toilet paper roll and some soapy water. Dip one end of the roll into the soapy water, take a big drag, and blow the vapor through the other end. Voila, you’re in the vapor bubble business!

Dragon Breath: Exhaling Vapor Like a Dragon

Let your inner Targaryen shine with this trick. Take a deep hit and exhale forcefully through your nose and the corners of your mouth simultaneously. You’ll be puffing smoke like a dragon in no time.

The Ghost Inhale: Vanishing Vapor Trick

This trick adds some mystery to your vaping. Take a long drag, let the vapor sit in your mouth for a second, then gently exhale it and quickly inhale it back in. Like a ghost, the vapor appears and vanishes in a flash.

The Waterfall Effect: Vape Pouring

Grab a bottle, fill it with exhaled vapor, then pour it out onto a flat surface for a chilling, waterfall-like effect. This trick is a crowd favorite for its eerie, ethereal vibe.

Jellyfish: Impressive Vapor Rings Variation

Once you’ve got the hang of vapor rings, why not jazz it up a bit? Create a large vapor ring, then push a smaller one through it to create a jellyfish-like effect. It’s sure to make you the envy of your fellow vapers.

Tornado Vaping: Twisting Up a Storm

Create your very own mini tornado. Take a big hit, exhale onto a flat surface, then use your hand to chop at the vapor and spin it upwards. A cool vape trick that takes seconds to learn but a lifetime to master.

French Inhale: Exuding Style and Elegance

Exude elegance with the French Inhale. Take a drag, let the vapor fill your mouth, then open your mouth and inhale through your nose without swallowing. It’s a classy trick that never fails to impress.

Vape Bend: Defying Gravity

Now, this one’s all about control. Exhale a thick cloud and then use your hand to guide it in whichever direction you want. You’ll look like you’re bending the elements themselves. Pro-tip: this trick works best in a windless environment.

Triple O’s: Three Times the Charm

Amp up the classic Vapor Rings by blowing three O’s at once. This trick takes a little practice to perfect, but once you’ve nailed it, you’ll be turning heads left, right, and center.

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