Explore the Process Behind Our Live Rosin Vapes

Live Rosin is a pure, unprocessed concentrate made from mechanically pressing live cannabis. The result is a full-spectrum concentrate that preserves rich terpene profiles, cannabinoids and other supporting plant material. It’s a craft process that’s notoriously difficult to scale; the steps are delicate, hands-on and yield very little concentrate, but of the highest caliber. A major benefit of this process is that it does not use any solvents, chemicals or additives to produce, ensuring a clean high.

We are passionate about Live Rosin because it captures the entourage effect of whole cannabis flower at its peak freshness. The flavors are complex; they’re plant-forward with clear fruit, floral and earth notes. Despite traditionally lower potencies, we find the high to be just as rich and functional

What Makes this Rosin Unique?

Our Live Rosin is distinct in a couple ways:

Bloom Uses Single-Strain Live Rosin

Most products that are labeled as “solventless” and/or “with diamonds” are made with solventless THCa crystals that are added to terpene/flavor elements to increase potency and make the oil less viscous so it’s easier to vape.

Bloom prefers rosin to be 100% live rosin oil produced from hash because it is the only way to capture the full spectrum of each specific strain. This process isolates all of the freshness of the plant without needing any extra steps to make a vape-able oil. This truly is the essence of the plant at peak freshness.

Our Surf Technology is a Game Changer

Rosin is more viscous than other vape extracts, making it very difficult for most devices to efficiently vaporize. The draws are inconsistent and some 510 devices require a priming sequence to heat the rosin before vaping.

The Surf platform is perfect for live rosin because it’s designed for consistent hits without burning terpenes. It absorbs and vaporizes more oil than a 510 cartridge, meaning it has sufficient power to produce consistent draws of our live rosin. The triple airflow then prevents the oil from overheating and clogging, which preserves the delicate flavor elements of live rosin.

Process to Make Rosin

Step 1: Pick & Process Flower

The biggest challenge of producing rosin at scale is sourcing the plant material. Since the output is entirely dependent on the input, Bloom carefully vets cultivators to find the best strains for this process. The flower must be grown with specific parameters and harvested before curing to capture the full spectrum of terpenes. The result is neatly trimmed live flower nugs that are ready to process into hash.

Step 2: Ice Bath

The nugs are given an ice bath: flower is submerged into a vessel filled with ice water and agitated to loosen the trichome heads from the plant. The low temperature helps separate the plant matter and lipids from the cannabinoids and aromatic compounds.

Step 3: Filtration

The loosened trichomes are filtered using a stack of mesh bags which the hash is sieved through until only the resin itself remains. The result is a goopy, “wet” hash that is already concentrated.

Step 4: Drying & Preparation

In order to remove excess moisture, this hash mixture is freeze dried. At this point it can be consumed directly as hash. It’s then sifted with a sieve and packed tightly into wax paper to prepare for pressing.

Step 5: Press

To maximize the potency and purity, the freeze dried hash is pressed at a precise temperature and pressure (PSI) using a hydraulic press. Controlling the temperature and pressure is key to this step because it allows for a stable live rosin oil. Too much temperature alters and burns terpenes and too much pressure results in excess fats, lipids and chlorophyll.

Step 6: Activate & Fill

Once the rosin is collected from the press, it is heated at a low temperature to convert the remaining THC and decrease the viscosity. At this point the live rosin oil is directly filled into the Surf device.

Find Rosin

If you are looking to try live rosin and want some fresh strains in your lineup, we’ve got you covered. Bloom’s live rosin is now available in the game changing Surf technology. Explore what pure, unprocessed, terpene rich rosin tastes like.

California customers can shop our live rosin online.