Wake and Bake: Art of the Morning High

Wake and Bake: Art of the Morning High

How do you like to start your day? Are you the type of person who puts on their running shoes and heads out the door for the morning? Or perhaps you prefer a cup of coffee and a good book?

Whatever it is, it might be made better with weed. Smoking weed first thing in the morning isn’t for everyone, but advocates of this first thing in the A.M. practice sing its praises for helping them get their minds right and their bodies finely tuned for the day ahead.

Read on to learn about the morning routine known as the wake and bake.

What is Wake & Bake?

To wake and bake means that you quite literally wake up in the morning and consume some form of cannabis. It’s a practice that can involve smoking weed, eating edibles, taking dabs, or infusing your morning coffee with a little THC tincture. While the act of combining weed and coffee is known as a hippie speedball, wake and bake refers to any kind of cannabis substance first thing in the morning. 

It’s like a smooth transition from your sleepy-eyed state of being as you reach for your bong on your bedside table and load it up with a favorite daytime strain. The first hit sets your mind right as you exit dreamland and get ready to launch into your morning routine. The point of a wake and bake is simply to step into your day with the comforts of cannabis right by your side. 

Wake & Bake Tips

Wake & Bake Tips & Tricks for a Morning High

There’s no wrong way to wake and bake, but there are some considerations to keep in mind. For example, if you are headed out the door to work soon, you might not want to reek of weed as you step into the office. In this scenario, opt for a vape pen with little to no odor after the fact. Not only will a high-quality oil offer you a clean high to start the day, but vape pens offer the nightstand portability and ease of use that a tired morning mind needs to simplify the day.

Top Daytime Strains for Wake & Bake

Choosing the right strain for your morning ritual can take a little practice. Here are our top recommendations for breakfast-worthy strains. 

Green Crack

A tried and true sativa, Green Crack will not send you back to bed. Instead, you’ll be woken up with an invigorating buzz that wakes you up with a jolt of energy. Opt for Green Crack any time you have daytime tasks that require a concentrated focus. 

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Super Lemon Haze

When life gives you Super Lemon Haze, wake up and smell the terpenes. SLH is the perfect pair for any morning routine and will elevate your mood and your senses with its rich terpene profile and zesty citrus aroma. The high is uplifting and will last for several hours. Just enough time to enjoy some breakfast, a great workout, and maybe even tackle a new project.

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Maui Wowie

Another citrusy sativa, Maui Wowie has an extra sweetness to its flavor profile. This is an excellent choice for anyone first experimenting with wake and bake because of its mellow high. Certainly enough to boost your mood and provide a clear, energizing high to carry you through the morning.

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Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a fairly common, sativa-leaning hybrid known for being easy-going. A great first-time high, Blue Dream brings forth bubbling feelings of happiness and optimism that set you on the right track to having an amazing day. 

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Pineapple Express

Arguably the most famous strain on this list, Pineapple Express deserves all the accolades she can get. The flavor is true to its name – first, a mouthwatering sweetness like a juicy piece of fruit, followed by a rich piney undernote. Although Pineapple Express tends to contain higher levels of THC, the high is balanced out by its anxiety-reducing effects. Often noted as increasing creativity, this is an excellent wake and bake choice for writers and artists.

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Best Way to Wake & Bake

If you aren’t straight for work, consider some of these activities to enjoy your morning wake and bake. 

  • Hippie Speedball: We touched on this practice above, but it’s worth elaborating on because of its versatility. A hippie speedball combines weed and coffee to jumpstart your daily activities and offers a jolt of extra energy. Try a shot of espresso with a tasty live resin, or simply brew a cuppa joe and puff on a freshly rolled joint.
  • Get Creative: Cannabis stimulates the brain’s frontal lobe where creativity is born. Take advantage of a clear-headed morning high and journal, paint, draw, or even do a little solo karaoke. Learn more about getting creative with cannabis here. 
  • Cook a Meal: What better way to celebrate a wake and bake than by preparing a delicious brunch? Invite a friend over for eggs á la cannabis, or perfectly poached eggs dripping in hollandaise. The morning munchies will thank you. 
  • Get Sweaty: Believe it or not, cannabis and exercise is a perfect pairing. If you feel inspired to get your sweat on, try paddleboarding, trail running, yoga, or bicycling to get into the zone. 

Wake & Bake Memes

Have you ever felt the first morning light ripple through the sky and touch your face? Okay, but have you ever felt it on weed? Getting some rays first thing in the morning is great for your health, but it’s even better with the addition of a morning bowl.

Cannabis awakens all of your senses, and we’re not sure about you, but there are few things more enjoyable than a hot shower first thing in the morning. Especially right after a fat dab.

If the food tastes that good after you’ve gotten high, just imagine how delicious it would be if you cooked it while stoned? We’re pretty sure that’s a scientific fact.

Is it possible to get too high in the morning? Yes, probably, but what’s the harm in getting a little extra beauty sleep?

Would you rather be a terrifying T-rex, or channel your inner Barney? Yeah, us too, pass the pipe.