A Better Way to Vape: Bloom Surf

Over the last 7 years, our team has become experienced tastemakers within the vape space. We know terpenes and understand how to enhance their natural flavors. That’s why after creating Bloom LIVE, a craft line of live resin products, we knew our next step was finding a suitable device to accent the rich terpene profiles and effectively vape them.

A broad spectrum of terpenes is what makes vaping desirable, so we knew we had to deliver those in a way that the strain’s identity is not lost or compromised. Our goal led us to meticulously customizing a device that preserves the terpene profiles, producing bold, flavor and effects from a discreet device. The end result is the Surf Disposable by Bloom.


No more burnt oil or guessing the best temperature for vaping. The Surf Disposable is customized with ceramic heating elements that prevent overheating and cool quickly, ensuring the terpenes remain undamaged. This intelligent temperature control is important in enhancing the authentic flavor and effects for each strain. Terpenes are the essence of cannabis; we want you to experience them, not burn them.


Made with triple airflow and more intake per pull, the Surf delivers large clouds loaded with more flavor and potency in every puff. The triple airflow also helps to reduce clogging, providing smooth, clean hits to the end. Advanced vape technology hits different (literally).


The last major component in creating a new disposable was ensuring the battery lasts long enough for the oil to be smoked all the way through. After all, our team works too hard creating top-shelf oil just to have it wasted with a dead battery. The Surf solves that with a 190 mAh battery capacity powerful enough to finish a half gram, ensuring you enjoy every drop of the 350mg of oil.


Bloom LIVE delivers the closest experience to smoking flower in vape form. Now,  Surf Disposable delivers those authentic Bloom LIVE strains in more advanced technology for enhanced taste and experience.

For more flavor, potency, and power, vape Bloom Surf.