Treat––Hall of Flowers B2B Premium Cannabis Trade Show

What We’ve Got to Say:

“Cannabis consumers should have the right to choose how to live their lives, how much to indulge and how often. Without society telling us what is right or wrong. Treat is here as a reminder to us all to take a well-deserved moment for ourselves, enjoy the moments that make us happy and find the sweeter side of things.”

What They’ve Got to Say:

“We’re not a brand, we’re a treat. We’re here to support adults with a simple way to relax and reconnect with their inner child. We’re allowing customers to take a break and indulge. It makes you feel comfortable and provides the user the mental peace to get loose and feel carefree.

Cannabis is essential and we believe access to affordable, quality products should be too. We come from the medical days where it was easy to pick up fresh, potent buds for a decent price, so we created treat pre-rolls to honor our roots. treat joints are rolled with a gram of indoor, premium bud, hand-selected and grown by experienced local cultivators. Our success depends on the sources we use, so treat is our way of celebrating local growers’ craft while providing consumers with affordable, fresh weed. Treat is a premium product at mid-shelf prices.”

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