Dab the Essence of Cannabis with BLOOM Live Budder

Dab the essence of cannabis with bloom live budder

We are proud to introduce our craft line of dababble, 1g live resin concentrates, BLOOM Live Budder.

Budder extract is similar to distillate and live resin high terpene extract (HTE) in that it’s part of the same class of cannabis extract and oil. However, budder is very different in appearance and use. 

So, What is it and Why Make Budder? 

Budder is a cannabis concentrate made by separating the cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant. The consistency is what makes the extract so popular among dabbers, and is achieved through a post-extraction process that involves whipping the concentrate, like actual butter. 

It’s no secret live resin budder is an exceptionally flavorful extract in authentic plant taste. Creating budder concentrate offers the least disturbance of the actual cannabis plant, preserving the essence of each strain. For these reasons, our team agreed budder would be the perfect addition to our BLOOM Live family. 

This new product is ideal for those seeking relaxation in the evening (it’s strong stuff), and a perfect complement to those who use Bloom Live Vape during.

The Difference Between BLOOM Live Resin & BLOOM Live Budder

The first difference between Bloom Live Resin and Bloom Live Budder begins with extraction. 

Bloom Live resin in vapes contains terpenes from cannabis that have never been frozen, and are extracted through steam distillation. For BLOOM Live Budder, the production process is fundamentally different. Our expert team at Big Oil Co., found it is more efficient to freeze the product before extraction, creating the best consistency and authentic strain profile. 

The second difference is in the terpene content and appearance. 

Bloom Live and other HTE sauces have anywhere from 6-10% terpene content and appear very saucy and clear. In contrast, budder has fewer terpenes overall and offers a thick butter-like consistency that is not translucent, which makes it very easy to dose and dab.

How to Consume

There are several ways to consume concentrates. The most popular and common method is a dab. Dabs are consumed using a traditional bong and a dabbing nail (or “banger” as also commonly known) and a torch. The torch is used to heat up a quartz, ceramic, or titanium nail enough to vaporize the oil between 310-350 degrees. Then, using a small metal tool, smokers dose a small “dab” of the oil onto the hot nail, and inhale from the mouthpiece.

Other consumption methods include vapor pens and using budder to sprinkle or roll into a joint. 

When appropriately dabbed at low temperatures, BLOOM Live Budder provides terrific, complex flavor profiles. Similar to Bloom Live, all strains selected are from small-batch crops for higher quality and more variety of flavorful, unique strains. 

Make sure you store your concentrates properly to maximize the flavors and effects of your budder.

We encourage you to try a new, potent way to have a good day. Find BLOOM Live Budder in a local shop near you.