Introducing the New Bloom Vape!

After months of intensive product development, Bloom is proud to announce the 3rd generation of the BloomVape! In order to update you properly, here’s some questions we’d like to address: 

What changed with the 3rd generation? 

Well, pretty much everything. The plastic window of the cartridge changed from plastic to glass. The mouthpiece changed from plastic to ceramic. The internal construction is completely updated; the oil is absorbed and heated by a ceramic coil with a ceramic wick wrapped in cotton. The cotton that we use for the wick is especially designed for vaping cannabis oils. 

What do these changes mean?  

Firstly, the internal construction with the ceramic coil evenly heats the oil to provide a better flavor and overall vaping experience. We already proved this concept with the BloomOne disposables, which have been a tremendous hit throughout California and Washington. The ceramic wick wrapped in cotton is another purposeful design decision that improves the absorption of the oil, meaning that you’ll get a fuller hit. In addition, the ceramic mouthpiece with rounded corners allows for a very pleasant mouthfeel. Unlike metal, it doesn’t get cold to the touch and doesn’t make the vape top-heavy. 

Why did it take so long?

We knew we needed to switch from plastic to glass – that part was clear; but we also knew that we needed to improve on the performance as well. Despite the flood of glass cartridges in the market, it was extremely difficult to find a cartridge that would enhance the performance of what we had. 

Our oil is a bit unique compared to other brands. While most brands focus on THC %, we understand that having authentic strains is just as important. As a result, where other brands are doing 2-4% terpenes, we do 10% to maximize the effect (that’s why the Maui Wowie feels different than the King Louie). That makes our oil slightly less viscous (basically more runny) and prone to burning. As a result, we had to make sure that we chose a vape that would pair perfectly with our oil.

The perfect vape didn’t exist when we started looking at glass vapes. We tried a bunch, especially ones that other brands used, but every one we tried more or less burnt or clogged. Our standards are pretty high (no pun intended); we look at the air flow, the quality of the construction, the taste of the vapor, and the general leak rate (which has to be under 2%). We started our search in the beginning of 2017 and didn’t find it until December, meaning that we looked for almost a full year before we found the right one.

In addition to finding the right cartridge, we also have to work with the manufacturers to correct any defects or issues with the hardware. For example, we had to adjust the resistance to make sure that the oil didn’t burn, we had to ask them to alter the design to improve the airflow, and we had to address a construction issue that was causing a slight leakage. Once these issues were addressed, then we had to start working with the manufactering team to make sure that they can produce everything en masse without any loss in quality, which is quite a challenge in large-scale vape manufactering. 

A little over a year later, we finally received all the approvals and we’re proud to launch the 3rd generation Bloomvape. 

Do I need a new battery? 

Nope! That’s the beauty of this design; it works perfectly well with our battery. Again, due to the viscosity of the oil, we need to make sure that it does not burn. We have identified a range of 3.2-3.7V that is ideal for the Bloomvape. As a result, it is extremely important to make sure that you either use our battery (ideally), which is 3.2V, or a similar one in that range. 

When will you have new strains? 

We are in the process of collecting votes for our new strains and will announce the winners as soon as we finish voting! Expect an update in early March 🙂