Bloom Vape Maintenance Guide

For best results when using your Bloom Battery, please follow the instructions and tips below:

1. Be careful not to overcharge the battery.

The Bloom Battery is a fully rechargeable unit that only takes 3-4 hours to charge. To avoid overheating the unit, do not leave the battery charging for long periods of time, such as overnight.

2. Light sequences.

The LED light on the Bloom Battery will continuously stay lit while charging. The LED will then flash 10X and turn off once fully charged and still connected to the power.

For the Bloom DART battery, keep the battery plugged into the charger until the light shuts off, indicating the device is fully charged. The LED light on the device will flash 20 times and then shut off (when plugged into the charger) to indicate the full charge.

3. Keep your battery clean.

We recommend using an alcohol swab, or Q-tip, to gently clean your battery every one to two months. We do this to avoid any build-up of oil-residue that may cause issues with connectivity.

How to clean:

  1. Gather Q-tips and rubbing alcohol.
  2. Wet the Q-tip with rubbing alcohol and carefully swirl the Q-tip around the battery head (Use as many Q-tips as needed until the metal-connector is completely free of residue).
  3. Let the battery dry completely, then you’re ready to vape!

For best results when using your Bloom cartridge, follow the instructions and tips below:

1. Keep your cartridge out of the sun and heat.

It is very important to avoid leaving your cartridge in any direct sunlight or heat. Both can cause damage to your vape by causing it to crack, clog, or leak.

2. Take a ‘dry hit’ before using your vape.

Before connecting your cartridge to the battery, we advise taking a draw from the cartridge without the battery. This is known as a ‘dry hit,’ and is done to ensure proper airflow.

3. Try not to blow into your cartridge.

To avoid clogging the airway, always pull from your cartridge; do not blow into it. If you experience oil stuck in the airway, try performing a dry hit (explained above as pulling from your cartridge while it is disconnected from the battery).

4. Make sure you have the right battery.  

For best results, we advise using a Bloom Battery when vaping your Bloom cartridge, as they are customized to heat our oil at the perfect temperature. If using an alternative battery, please remember to keep the voltage on the battery below 3.7volts(6watts) to avoid burning the oil and terpenes.

5. For best results, we suggest using your cartridge within the first month of purchase.

Although Bloom Brand cartridges do not have an expiration date, we recommend using your cartridge within the first year of purchase. For the smoothest and tastiest vape experience, consume within the first month.