Thanking our BBOTM for November!

The cannabis industry would be nothing without our Budtenders!

We give thanks to those who help us find the right selection when we need some healing or a little fun. Of course, there are some Budtenders who go above and beyond at their job and we want to recognize them and share our appreciation.

This month, we honor Flora as BLOOM’s Budtender of the Month!

Name: Flora, CCA.

1. Why you became a Budtender: Due to chronic pain I did a lot of research on CBD several years ago, then landed an internship in the cannabis field by chance, and have since worked as a budtender. Cannabis was always a taboo to me until I learned the benefits of the plant, and I want to do my part in ending the stigma around a medicinal plant that’s often still misunderstood.  

2. Your favorite thing about Budtending: Answering the newbie’s questions! I love helping out the shy people who come in – I can’t tell if they’re embarrassed to be seen in a dispensary or if they’re embarrassed because they’re intimidated; either way – I’ve been in their shoes and I love answering their questions and easing any discomfort and anxiety around finding the perfect product for them to better their lives.  

3. The coolest thing you’ve learned from working in cannabis: How much work goes into creating cannabis products, the creativity that stands out in competition, and the history of strains. I had no idea there was a real history to strain names before working in the field. I thought it was just some random guy naming things.  

4. Tips for consuming cannabis: Bring good vibes and don’t forget your snacks. Also, don’t respond to emails. And don’t drive under the influence!  

5. Favorite strains: Orange Creamsicle, Girl Scout Cookies, Headband.  

6. One thing you’d like consumers to know: Weed is a privilege! Thank all the hardworking men and women who suffered racist and antiquated/absurd drug laws to help us get to where we are today. 

Thank you for your kindness and hardwork Flora! 🙂