BLOOM’s Budtender of the Month for October

The cannabis industry would be nothing without our Budtenders!

We give thanks to those who help us find the right selection when we need some healing or a little fun. Of course, there are some Budtenders who go above and beyond at their job and we want to recognize them and share our appreciation. 

This month, we honor Collette as BLOOM’s Budtender of the Month!


  1. Name:  Collette Thompson
  2. Shop: Kolas101
  3. Why you became a Budtender: I became a cannabis specialist because I wanted to learn more about the medicinal aspects of the plant. I really wanted to better understand what specific strains could help you in your everyday life.
  4. Your favorite thing about Budtending: My absolute joy about being a cannabis specialist, is helping and talking with all the patients I encounter in a day. Getting to know our additional kolas family and getting there feedback on products.
  5. The coolest thing you’ve learned from working in cannabis:  The coolest thing would definitely have to be about live resin. I had no idea what it was and for along time I called it “rosin”. Not knowing at this time that, they’re two different things. Different process, different taste, lol just different.
  6. Tips for consuming cannabis: Just because its low in testing does not mean it’s not going to give you the feels your looking for. Sometimes less is more ?
  7. Favorite strains: My favorite strain would have to be GRANDADDY PURPLE. I love any purple strain but granddaddy purple is the og of the bunch. The feels from this strain makes me feel all warm and cozy. I suffer from insomnia and grandaddy purp has always been my go to, to knock me out.
  8. One thing you’d like consumers to know: The one thing I’d like consumers to know Is my personal mission is to help contribute to my fellow cannabis users about stopping the stigma of the cannabis plant and all is medicinal properties. I want this industry to be recognized for all the valuable resources and all around wellness.
  9. How can the community stay connected with you?: FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM @OhBooogaaa

Thank you for your hard work Collette! Cheers!