6 Tips to Make the Best of Your Covid Compliant Halloween

Well, it’s October, and we’re still adjusting to life during the COVID-19 pandemic.

It’s been a spooky year, but we are still hoping to make the best of these last months. So, we came up with a few affordable, weedy ways to celebrate Halloween and stay covid compliant.

1. Keep your party small. 

This one is also mandatory right now (at least in CA), but keep your parties to a minimum of 12 people or less. It’s not only safer but also saves you money on snacks! ? So, try not to stress about who you can’t invite and focus on who you can! Perhaps you and your partner or a best friend plan to stay in watching scary movies––we have suggestions below for that too!

Halloween Movies to Binge

2. Make sure you have SNACKS. 

What’s scarier than a hangry human? We recommend snacks that are easy to share individually (bagged chips or popcorn, sliced fruits and veggies with toothpicks or individually plated). Of course dessert is always a great idea. If you’re in the mood for some real fun, spice up your snacks with a drizzle of BLOOM Drop––it might be the only way you get to sleep after the scary movie marathon!


Bring Your Own Vape! Since we’re still currently in a pandemic, we advise bringing a personal vape or smoking method. Vapes are perfect for sitting indoors and playing games or watching a movie. They are especially ideal for those who are not supposed to smoke inside their home. Basically, you can’t go wrong with grabbing some cartridges for you and your friends.

Here are some BLOOM strains we recommend for Halloween:

GSC, Champagne Kush, King Louie, Citrus Tsunami, Lava Cake, and Face Off OG.

Stock up now to make sure you are ready to go on Saturday!

4. Fewer tricks, More Treats. 

Halloween is usually all about candy, but this year ‘Trick-or-Treating’ is canceled––which means there will be no one knocking at your door unexpectedly. Party or not, this makes it a GREAT time to Treat yourself! ? Indulge your evening with a full gram of premium indoor flower, rolled and ready for you to enjoy. Finally, self-care made affordable. Adults, this is YOUR Halloween.

Treat yourself and find a Bloom retailer near you.

5. Halloween Hike 

Halloween is on a Saturday this year, which means you can make the most of the daylight and do something active, like a hike! Make sure you bring water and a mask in case others have the same idea. Stoner pro-tip: We like to bring a Treat or vape with us and reward ourselves at the top. 😉

Are you brave? Try one of the 7 Haunted Trails in Los Angeles if you think so! ?

6. Drive-Thru Halloween Events 

Find a designated driver or save the sesh for after a Drive-Thru Halloween Event! Don’t cancel the holiday altogether, safely drive through the festivities instead! 🙂

Check the list below for events in SoCal and google ones in your area. Many pumpkin patches are converted and are offering something.

Drive-Thru Halloween

Have fun and stay safe!