BLOOM’s Budtender of the Month for September

The cannabis industry would be nothing without our Budtenders!

We give thanks to those who help us find the right selection when we need some healing or a little fun. Of course, there are some Budtenders who go above and beyond at their job and we want to recognize them and share our appreciation. 


This month, we honor Lilybeth as BLOOM’s Budtender of the Month!

  1. Name: Lilybeth Tovar
  2. Shop: Valley Herbal Center
  3. Why did you become a Budtender: I became a Budtender because I have a passion for Cannabis and hope to grow in the industry.
  4. Your favorite thing about Budtending: My favorite thing about budtending is definitely being able to see all of the fun new products that are coming out and meeting all kinds of cool patients.
  5. The coolest thing you’ve learned from working in cannabis: I’ve learned so much, one thing is that most patients don’t know half of the products the cannabis industry has to offer so recommending the right thing is always fun!
  6. Tips for consuming cannabis: Find out what works for you, don’t just consume anything.
  8. One thing you’d like consumers to know: CANNABIS COMES IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES 🙂 lol
  9. How can the community stay connected with you: Instagram – @Liilytovar

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication Lilybeth!