Guide to Using BLOOM Medicinally:

* Please note that effects vary from person to person. This guide is based on personal experiences and the majority of reported results. *

Bloom products are created with recreational use in mind, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be used medicinally as well! 

Here are some tips to guide you along the way: 

  1. Start low & slow. 

This is the first tip because it is also the most important. When using cannabis, it is always best to start with a low dose and wait – you can always take more if you need it, but you cannot un-smoke any. 

A low dose on a Bloom cartridge looks like a 1-2 second puff. Then we recommend waiting anywhere from 10-30 minutes to see how the hit affected you. 

You can take more hits as needed but always wait at least 10 minutes to feel the full effects hit before you continue if desired. 

2. Terpenes are your compass. 

Not sure how a particular strain will affect you? Terpenes can be a helpful indicator! For example:

Linalool: promotes relaxation and calming effects, so it may help with anxiety and insomnia. 

Bloom strains with Linalool: Granddaddy Purple (GDP), Skywalker (SKY)

Pinene: anti-inflammatory, may be useful for pain or anxiety. 

Bloom strains with Pinene: Blue Dream (BD)

Myrcene: promotes calming effects, may help with anxiety and insomnia.

Bloom strains with Myrcene: Granddaddy Purple (GDP), Skywalker (SKY), Pineapple Express (PEX), GSC. 

3. Take notes while you toke. 

Just as doctors keep a file of your medical history, it can be helpful to note which strains work best for you, when they work best for you, and how. As explained by the entourage effect, your “high” is affected by many factors, including set, setting, diet, etc. Having your own personal guide for reference can make finding the right medication much faster and efficient. Although not everything has a quick fix, it’s easier when you know which direction to go. 

4. Combine Bloom with other healthy choices. 

Cannabis is not a cure-all, but it CAN help many ailments. To enhance the cannabis plants’ benefits, pair your Bloom meds with other healthy activities and food. 

For example, if you need to calm down from an anxiety or panic attack, use the Bloom strain that works for you and pair with meditation or yoga. Or if you need a mood boost, increase your serotonin by pairing a Bloom strain with a light jog or hike outside. Perhaps you’re looking to improve your appetite? Follow up your sesh with healthy fruits or vegetables––cannabis will likely enhance the flavors!

The best part about vapes is that they’re portable and discreet so you can take it just about anywhere and medicate as needed. 

5. When using medicinally, less is more. 

As stated above in the first tip, it’s important to start low and slow with your dosage. This is also the best way to utilize cannabis medicinally. As mentioned, effects will vary from person to person, but most people looking to treat an ailment will find more relief in smaller doses. Why is this? When cannabis is used in high doses, consumers can tend to feel more intensified pain or anxiety, rather than relief.