Bloom Astrology: The Stoner Leo

Leo – Fire Sign – The Lion

July 23 – August 22

Best match: Bloom Vape Maui Wowie or Bloom Live Resin Blue Dream

Stoner Leos are leaders of their stoner pack. Passionate and theatrical, they stand out in any smoke circle. Joints, bongs, vapes or blunts, the Stoner Leo welcomes all methods and most strains.

Although unapologetically selfish, the Stoner Leo makes up for this with loyalty, consistency, and stability. They may not pack the bowl or offer a light but their high vibes make them the best to sesh with.

The Stoner Leo gains insight and empathy from meditative smoke sessions. On the rare occasion this stoner finds a sour mood, seek a solo session to see things from a higher perspective.

Best Strain: Maui Wowie (uplifting sativa).

Best Way to Get High: A sleek vape or flashy bong.

Best High Activity: Smoke at the top of a hike.

Most likely to: Spend their savings on weed.

Favorite sesh spot: On the balcony during sunrise or sunset.