Bloom Astrology: The Stoner Cancer

Cancer – Water Sign – The Crab 

(June 21 – July 22)  

Best match: Bloom Drop Skywalker, Bloom Vape GDP, or Bloom Live Resin Berry White 

The Stoner Cancer is similar to their symbol of the crab––a hard outer shell protects a soft inner soul. These protective creatures prefer to puff, puff, pass with close cannabis companions rather than smoke in large circles. 

Stoner Cancer prefers a balanced strain to smoke or dab with. Getting down with an edible in a cozy space is heaven to the stoner Cancer.

These stoner crabs are also more likely to find connectivity with their third eye through meditative smoke sessions. 

Favorite sesh spot: a soft, warm, private sanctuary with nature close by. 

Most likely to: Feed their mom a weed cookie.

Best Strain: Granddaddy Purple (happy indica).

Best Way to Get High: A dab or healthy edible.

Best High Activity: Build a bonfire and smoke up with their closest friends.