A Guide to Microdosing Cannabis While You WFH

Cozy clothes, saving money on lunch, your pets snuggled close––there are tons of benefits to working from home. One advantage that likely gets overlooked is the ability to microdose your weed while you complete your work. Cannabis can be an excellent tool for boosting creativity and productivity, but there are crucial factors to keep in mind when consuming on the clock.

Our team put together a guide for successfully microdosing cannabis while you #WFH (because we are too): 

Step 1: Make A Plan/Schedule.

This is KEY, your roadmap to staying on track. Our team uses platforms like Google Calendar, Trello, and Monday.com to help us set and prioritize our tasks for the day/week––but it’s even more straightforward than that. All you need is paper and a pen. Jot down a list of things you need to get done in order of importance. We enjoy handwriting lists for the satisfaction of crossing stuff off as we go.

Step 2: Prepare Your Work Station.

Before you begin to smoke or take your dose, get all your work tools ready. Make sure you have everything you need before you get high. Otherwise, you may be setting yourself up for distractions. This includes pens, snacks, lighters, etc.

Furthermore, make sure you have a workstation to prepare––somewhere with minimal distractions and maximum lighting. Create a space that makes you feel happy and productive. Making this area into your ideal ‘office’ setting is one of the perks of remote work. Now, you can set the tone and vibe, whether this means playing your favorite music softly in the background or burning incense at your desk.

Step 3: Choose Your Method.

What does your workload look like? Perhaps you have a long day of brainstorming and creative work ahead of you. In that case, a low-dose edible may work best. Filling out reports today? Since you’re working remotely, you might have your vape or bong at your desk to puff as you go. Choose the method you feel comfortable consuming. It’s time to get to work.

Step 4: Microdose.

Based on your previous cannabis experience and the potency of the product chosen, take the minimum dose that seems fitting for your tasks ahead. A typical dosage ranges between 2.5 and 10 milligrams of THC. Remember to start slow, you don’t want to crash midday, and can always take more throughout the day if you need. It can be helpful to keep a little CBD on hand in case you get too high and need help coming back down.

Pro tip: Depending on your method, try consuming only after you complete a task or two––it will feel like a fun reward system for yourself.

Step 5: Keep Your Setting in Mind.

Unlike the usual office setting, you may be less anxious and more comfortable in your own home. Therefore, drowsiness can occur when consuming THC. Keep a cup of coffee or tea nearby for an extra boost. Make sure to stretch and eat throughout the day as well!

Step 6: Drink Water.

A general tip for life––stay hydrated, your brain works better.

Step 7: Make a Note of Your Results.

Whether you’ve found your flow-state (check out Roze Volca’s article to learn more about this) or still need time getting into the groove of consuming while you work, it’s best to keep track of what helped and what didn’t. It sounds silly at first, but this is how you find your ideal high.