The Benefits of Cannabis: Vaping vs. Smoking

Vaping cannabis is the new modern alternative to smoking it. Fundamentally, vaping is the process of heating cannabis to a specific temperature without burning it––but is modern always better? 


Which Method Is Better For You?

Vapes heat cannabis and create a vapor that you inhale. When you smoke cannabis buds in raw form––whether it’s through a pipe, joint, or a bong––combustion occurs and produces other carcinogens that can be harmful to your health. According to a study, vaping converts 45% of THC into smoke, compared to joints that convert only 25% of THC. The study found that combusted cannabis contains a lot more chemicals, including harmful hydrocarbons and toxins.  

Although vaping might be a healthier alternative to smoking, there are still a few things to consider when shopping for a vape:  

1. The kind of device you use to vape matters––don’t trust cheap, low-quality devices. It is always better to purchase a vaporizer made from materials like ceramic or stainless steel, not plastic. 

2. Vaping requires more maintenance than smoking. You have to keep your vaporizer clean and intact to have a decent experience.  

3. Always research the product you’re looking to buy. Always shop at legal dispensaries and stick to reputable brands that have been around for years. 


Vaping Benefits

More flavor

Vaping may produce more flavorful hits than smoking. Through vaping, the terpenes are concentrated, and you taste them more distinctly.


It is easier to control your dosing and dial down if needed. Most vapes also have modifiable heat settings that you can control throughout your session. This helps to control the quality of your hit. With most vapes, it is advised to keep your heat setting low to avoid burning any of the terpenes or oil. 


Efficiency is vital when consuming cannabis in modern times. Vaping allows you to medicate when and where as needed, without slowing you down, proving to be one of the most efficient methods yet. Vaping allows you to enjoy all the cannabinoids in weed, in a portable, discreet manner. 


Vapes don’t have a strong aroma, so it is easy to keep your cannabis consumption discreet. 

Smoking Cannabis The Old-School Way

Smoking cannabis offers a more intense high than vaping. The onset usually takes a bit longer to hit, but the effects tend to last for a longer duration. For occasional smokers, it may be less expensive since it doesn’t require any serious investment. Some stoners might argue it’s more fun––the process of rolling a joint or packing a bong can feel like a therapeutic ritual. 

However, smoking cannabis delivers overpowering scents that can travel far away. It can also be more difficult for users to accurately control their dosage when smoking cannabis rather than vaping. 


Smoking Benefits


Smoking flower can create a more intensified, euphoric experience. As soon as you fire up a joint, you release the cannabinoids that are responsible for an intense high, such as THC. 


The only thing you need to invest in when smoking cannabis is cannabis itself. You won’t need to buy a fancy stainless steel vaporizer. It is cheaper to buy rolling papers than a decent vaporizer, so if your budget is low, smoking flower might be better for you. 

A ritual

The process of rolling a joint, keeping it in your pocket, and lightning it up creates a therapeutic routine for some. 

Any Way You Smoke It

Whether you’re new to cannabis or just looking for a new high to try, there is certainly something for everyone. Vaping is great for beginners or anyone looking to keep their consumption discreet. Smoking flower traditionally is an excellent choice for a heavier high or social gatherings. 

Author Bio

Tammy Taylor is a full time content marketing specialist. He has been closely studying the cannabis industry trends from quite some time. He has worked for various domains before came to the cannabis industry. When he is not working, Tammy likes to work out, trying new foods and playing with his dog.

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