The Secret to a Perfect Valentines Day

Whether you plan on feasting in front of the TV or hitting the town with your partner, there are a number of Valentine’s Day activities that can be enhanced with cannabis. Swap the red roses for green buds this holiday and get ready to feel the love!

Hit a Joint or Vape With Your Coffee

There is nothing more delightful than starting the morning with a cannabis and caffeine combo alongside bae. Valentine’s Day falls on a Friday this year, meaning you and your loved one probably have to work, so steal some time together when you can. Finding a few peaceful moments to enjoy each other’s company and favorite strains can help you both start the workday off on the right foot. If you really want to score brownie points this year, complement breakfast in bed with a little toke under the covers to make sure no one leaves the bedroom feeling grouchy.   

Pack the Buds for a Picnic in the Park

Sure, you can drop big bucks on a fancy meal, but few things in life are more lovely than taking your partner on a simple picnic. Whether you’re chilling at the park or lounging by the beach, nothing beats tasty treats with good company in the great outdoors. Thanks to the Bloom Drop, any picnic delicacy can easily become an edible goodie.

If edibles aren’t your jam, try sharing a vape with your mate in the serene outdoors. Let the good times flow and enjoy a puff in between bites, or take a few hits while you stream the first song you two ever smoked a joint to. Cannabis is the perfect ingredient to keep the laughter going as you make new memories together.   

A CBD Rubdown 

Come Friday evening, after parading around town or watching movies on the couch, chances are a relaxing massage will sound pretty enticing. Touching your partner’s body is an incredibly intimate act, and the addition of some CBD infused lotions will melt every sore spot and ache. Shoulder and foot rubs alike can benefit from lathering on some CBD lotion thanks to the compound’s anti-inflammatory properties when applied topically. Don’t stress if your massage skills aren’t up to par, it’s easy to learn

Cannabis can also be used post-massage to enhance the mood. According to a study in Sexual Medicine, cannabis acts as an aphrodisiac and can help women, in particular, feel more satisfaction in the bedroom. So spark up and dust off those Marvin Gaye albums––this Valentine’s Day may end with some old-fashioned “Sexual Healing” if you play your cards right. 

Written by Nick Kazden. 

Nick Kazden is a Los Angeles native who covers everything from cannabis to Comic-Con and runs his own pop-culture themed YouTube channel. Follow Nick on Twitter @ricknazden to see more of his thoughts.