Cali Sobering Up?

Out with the brews, in with the bong—

find out why people are saying goodbye to Bud Light & hello to lighting bud. 

Cali Sober

I recently stopped drinking, mainly because alcohol makes me sick, and I don’t enjoy the feeling of being intoxicated very much. I prefer the easygoing high my weed offers, which is entirely opposite to how my friends feel.

“You’re plant-based and Cali sober? How L.A. of you,” one friend joked—but until then, I had no idea there was a name for it beyond being a stoner. Turns out, I’m not the only one opting for my bong over the bottle.

Cali Sober, a term that’s gained popularity in the last year, refers to a lifestyle choice to quit everything substance-wise except weed. Listed as the top definition on Urban Dictionary, Cali Sober is to “abstain oneself from all of the drugs. With obvious exceptions of copious amounts of marijuana and psychedelics”. For some, it means quitting all substances except alcohol and weed. Any way you look at it, it’s clear people are not backing off their bud.

The Need for Weed

Although the term isn’t exactly new, the idea has gained more traction over the last year. So, why are people joining the Cali Sober movement now? In addition to cannabis being legal in 11 states recreationally and 33 states (and counting) medically, there are various reasons. New job roles, new parent roles, relationships, healthier alternatives, a more functional lifestyle—all things that can be achieved with cannabis.

157 million Americans are currently part of the U.S. workforce, and as most of us who work 5 days or more per week know, there is no time to waste. Getting smashed doesn’t take long, but the recovery does. No one wants to spend their only day off nursing a hangover, especially as recovery becomes more time-consuming with age. Many adults are choosing to slow down on the partying and roll up their weed instead. With so many different products widely available in dispensaries, there are plenty of viable options for any mood or occasion.

Michelle Lhooq shared her Cali sober experience with Vice, which for her meant quitting all drugs and alcohol, except weed and psychedelics, for a year—and expressed that the break made her feel great.

“When I quit, I very quickly noticed changes that kept me going. My skin cleared up, and my friends told me I was glowing. As the muscles that had been bound by the taut grip of amphetamine started to relax, I could feel my whole body unwinding. And I know this sounds absurdly California New Age hippie, but I could almost feel my chakras opening—my creativity felt easy and natural, and my instincts sharpened into intuition.”

High and Dry

If you don’t have any issues with your current substance choices and uses, quitting everything except weed might not be the move. Yet, if you’ve been struggling to feel positive about your lifestyle choices, it couldn’t hurt to try (balance is key, right?). Admittedly, it can be difficult for some to make the transition, seeing as drinking has become a social norm and activity among adults just about everywhere. The temptation is hard to escape, but fear not! Many of those opting for Dry January are still ending the month on a high note…literally.

For those looking to make it a faded February, we found some dope spots for you to puff in public. You don’t have to stay locked up with your bong inside your garage like it’s 2007 (but we’re also not judging if that’s your thing)!

Check out these local spots that allow legal cannabis consumption the next time you’re looking for a social outing that doesn’t compromise your Cali sobriety:

Magnolia Oakland

Oakland, California

The Summit Private Lounge

Worcester, Massachusetts

The Coffee Joint

Denver, Colorado

Budberry (opening soon)

West Hollywood, California

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