Danksgiving: How Do You Incorporate Cannabis Into The Holiday?

Whether it’s to give your appetite a boost, enhance the flavor of food, family bonding, or the only way to deal with your Uncle’s not-so-funny jokes–cannabis has become an essential part of the holidays, especially Thanksgiving!

As always, we asked our IG community to share how they ~discreetly~ include cannabis in their plans and the answers hit very close to home!

The Classic ‘Walk’

“Quick run to the ‘store'”

“Edibles and walks”

“Go on a ‘walk’ with my cousins”

“I go for the classic walk to go buy munchies wit my cuz”

“Going out for ‘soda’ then sneaking a vape hit”

“Walk the dog”

“Hey cuz, time to take a ‘walk’ lol”

“Go for a walk haha”

“Do it casually away from the house or take a ‘walk'”

Discreet Eats

“Bloom Drop with the pie makes me fly”


“Put 3 Bloom syringes in the mash potatoes so the whole family high and not just me” — LOL, but we do not recommend this at home folks! Consent first 😉

“We eat it b4 they get here”


“I eat them clouds”

“edibles every 30 mins, or the BLOOM DART”



“Not trying to flatter you, but Bloom vape of course :)”


“Your super dope KNG, GC, & GSC carts”


“Vape and gummies duh”

“Ur carts lol”

“With my little bro and a vape pen”

“Gonna use ur Bloom DART it’s littly”

“Bloom DARTS! Could be a flash drive. Pineapple express scent is amazing”


“Bloom pens in the car”

“Bloom & bathroom baby!!!”

“Smoke literally feet away from my whole family in a bathroom”

“Vape pen bathroom sessions”

“Vape your Bloom DART and some eye drops do the trick”

Don’t Trip, Just Smoke

“Smoke then come in and eat like its nothing and only get caught if you act sus about it”

“Fat dabs”

“Put eye drops in then smoke fat”

“If you’re high all the time, no one even knows that you’re high” – YES, our favorite!!