10 Greatest Weed-Themed Songs of All Time

With the cannabis fan base quickly expanding, the plant has yet to fail to inspire humans in every way possible. Apart from enriching your days with blissful flavors and weightless highs, cannabis can also help enhance musical abilities and elevate the listening experience. 

Cannabis has inspired a multitude of great musicians to produce some of their most well-known creations. Many have even delivered heartfelt dedications to the plant through weed-themed songs. Here are the ten best weed-themed songs you need to add to your party playlist to make it extra special.


1. Got to Get you into my life – By the Beatles: The Beatles were the first few to entertain the cannabis-loving people with the greatest song of all time – Got to get you into my life. This soulful song from 1966 is an upbeat delivery by this fab four. The lyrics are uplifting and shares what it means to enjoy the wonderful high from weed. The track is from Revolver LP and was initially mistaken to be describing a woman as the love object. Later, a member of the band cleared the air that the song was actually about weed, which inspired them when they started using it.

2. Mary Jane – By Rick James: The song is an interesting one to enjoy while high. Rick James uses a rather new and innovative name for marijuana at the time it came out, personifying the plant as Mary Jane. It is among the best marijuana songs of all time where the musician declares he is in love with Mary Jane. He says she makes him feel alright, and she is his main thing, and most of all, she makes his heart sing. While the song has gone through many remix versions in the later years, the original beats of the ’90s is an impeccable choice to enjoy.


3. Blueberry Yum Yum – By Ludacris – Feat Sleepy Brown: The song was originally a part of the album released in 2004 – The Red Light District. This infectious song surprisingly had a modern take about weed, which was quite ahead of its time. And all thanks to Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn for this perspective.The lyrics describe the experience of enjoying a joint like never thought of before. You will get so hooked to this song, and when enjoyed with a relaxing strain such as Blueberry Kush or OG Kush it will give you a body and mind high. Also, check out the blueberry strain that can give you a high as you have never experienced before.

4. James Joint- By Rihanna: The queen herself delivered one of the greatest songs about weed in her career. Who would have imagined a pop star like Rihanna would rock the world with a sexy song like James Joint. The song was written for Rihanna by James Fauntleroy and is simply a minute long. But that is enough time for the lady love to confess her love for this miracle plant, that leaves all the cannabis lovers out there in a state of blissful joy. As the bad gal RiRi sings – “I would rather be seen smoking weed each time we breathe,” she leaves us longing for more of her music and the magic of weed.


5.  Stoner- By Young Thug: The chirpy tune and beats of the song is a standing track of all times. This song is among the greatest to elevate your high with its upbeat music and outstanding lyrics. As the musician melodically declares – “I am a stoner, a stoner, a stoner, you will simply want to shout out with him” – I am a stoner too. 

6.  Addicted- By Amy Winehouse: The song perfectly describes everything you want to tell your roommate, who loves to sneak out a bud or two from your stash, but never remembers to replace them. “Addicted” was a bonus track added in the expanded versions of 2006 album Back to Black, sung by Amy Winehouse. As she sings – “When you smoke all my weed man/you gotta call the green man, you want to tell your friends sharing is caring, but please replace my weed”. The singer later shared in 2007 that she used to consume a lot of weed, and that when you tend to have an addictive personality you keep jumping from one poison to something else. 

7. Young, wild and free – By Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg – Feat Bruno Mars: This song stole the hearts of every youngster in this generation with its liberating lyrics that stand strong with the current legalization trend. Molding together work from the greatest stoner of all time and a hip-hop legend, this song reflects Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg’s combined love for weed and rap. The lyrical prowess of the song will keep you hooked and reappear in your playlist many times.


8. Brown Sugar – By D`Angelo: If you enjoyed Rick James`s Mary Jane, then this musician’s personification Brown Sugar is another fresh perspective you’ll enjoy. In the debut LP, D`Angelo sings about more than just a joint session. He describes a girl in vivid detail (using a husky voice) that empowers you while describing how he is falling in love and making love. Although the song feels like his description of love towards a girl, the metaphor is about weed. We agree and feel the love with D’Angelo! 

9. Day and Night – By Kid Cudi: The raw lyrics and freshness in his music are all about inspiring people who enjoy weed, to explore the plant and their minds. His music is perfect for soothing the soul of lonely or sad cannabis lovers and motivating them to utilize the plant to dream and enjoy life. This song specifically is a reflection of deep feelings, and the ways weed can improve energy and love towards life.


10. Roll Me Up and Smoke Me When I Die- By Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg: The song describes a couple of weed lover’s fantasy for what to do with their ashes after the die. The Dogg father delivers his best as always and friendly appearances by Kris Kristofferson and Jamey Johnson makes this song a heart-warming take on a love that will never die – a love for cannabis. 

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Article By Rebecca S.