8 Hacks to Simplify Your Next Smoke Session

Written by Rebecca

A true stoner knows that smoking cannabis involves many highs, and occasionally, a few lows. As fun as it can be, there is always a chance for things to go south; pipes break, grinders are lost, you probably smell like weed or your eyes tell tales of your high times, and most commonly the lighters go missing right before you even take the first puff.
Luckily, stoners are resourceful and come with their own set of hacks to counter any possible problem. Whether you are a cannabis expert or novice, here a few low-budget hacks to simplify your life:

1. Bobby pins are the ultimate savior.

Bobby pins are so much more than just fashion accessories. They are cheap, easy to carry, and can solve many of your pot-related problems. Whether it’s cleaning out the bowl, de-clogging a pipe or clearing a one-hitter, a bobby pin can do it all. Try opening a bobby pin straight to make it reach the end of your smoking pipe to clean it properly. Although it will ruin your bobby pin, they are pretty inexpensive so you can always restock! 

2. Take cover with sunglasses.

Did you know there is a chemical component in cannabis that can cause blood vessels in your eyes to dilate? Most of us have been a victim to this at least once in our lives, and it can be quite the buzzkill when people ask about your red eyes. If you are not too keen on answering these questions in public, sunglasses can come to your rescue. Sunglasses not only add some style but also protect your eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays (peep one of our favorite brands, https://laneeyewear.shop). If you are new to smoking and need help finding the best marijuana strains that prevent red eyes, visit this website that can guide you through buying the best strain for yourself.

3. Smoke before meals.

A majority of cannabis users feel the urge of munching or binge-eating right after they smoke or vape. If you are on a diet, it is safe to say that your chances of getting distracted are very high. The best way to keep your munchies in check is to plan your smoking sessions before your meals. Doing so will ensure you eat the proper nutrition, which curbs any snack cravings and allows you to enjoy your meal more – we all know food tastes better when you’re high! Alternatively, you can try gum or mints if you cannot plan to smoke before meals. Pro tip: Make sure to hydrate after a smoke session as well–it’s difficult for our brain to tell the difference between hunger and thirst!  

4. No grinder? No problem!  Makeshift grinder with a bottle and a penny.

 It is quite common to lose your grinder, but it doesn’t mean you can’t smoke! If you have an empty pill bottle or container and a penny, you can make yourself a grinder. Clean the penny or coin thoroughly by rubbing alcohol and then drop a bud or two into your container. Close the lid of the bottle, and your makeshift grinder is ready. Shake it well, and you have your crushed buds ready to smoke.


5. Always keep a back-up stash. 

Running out of weed is not a huge problem unless you are using it for medical reasons, of course. Even if you are a recreational user, it is wise to have a back-up stash. Planning ahead for a rainy day will save you time and money in the long run. Just be sure to keep your goodies in a cool, dark spot and use a mason jar to keep it fresh. If you are a true stoner, you will most likely forget about it and finding it after a while can be a pleasant surprise, like finding money in an old pair of jeans. You will thank yourself later! 


6. Use a little honey.

There are times when you just want to make that joint or blunt last forever. Did you know that a drop of honey can help you do so? Try rubbing a little honey on the skin of your rolled joint or blunt, and it will help your buds burn slower. It will even make your joint taste and smell great, but take caution not to put too much honey as it can become hard to smoke. 


7. Replace ashtrays with jars.

Undoubtedly, ashtrays can cause a mess mainly for the fact that they are open. It is far too easy to drop or spill one, creating a mess for you to clean, which can ruin your mood and high. A simple solution is to substitute your ashtray with a basic glass jar. Head to any thrift store and buy a cheap jar to store the ashes as it will be easier to keep secure, won’t create a mess, and you can stop worrying about the smell.  

8. Attach a magnet or ‘lighter leash’ to your bong.

Losing your lighter can ruin the fun before it even begins (if this happens to you often, this hack is for you). To save yourself from the stress, fasten a small magnet to the side of your bong so you can attach a lighter to it and never have to worry about losing it right before you smoke. Similarly, a lighter leash will work if you have any of those handy. Now you can sleep easy knowing your friends will never walk away from another session with one of your lighters.

R.I.P. to the lighters we could not save.

Whether it is making a bong out of a plastic bottle or using a frisbee to roll joints, there is no doubt that stoners are highly crafty and resourceful humans. 

Feel free to share your own personal tips and stoner hacks with us via email or Instagram. After all, sharing is caring!