5 Activities to Pair with Maui Wowie

Summer may be flying by, but it’s not over yet! We put together a list of the perfect activities to slow things down and make the most of this last month of summer. Grab your Maui Wowie vape and turn your phone on airplane mode; here are the top 5 activities recommended by our fellow Bloomers.

1. Take a walk – preferably with your furry friend if you have one!

Not all who wander are not lost. Let Maui Wowie quiet your mind as your feet work their way through town. Explore new thoughts, colors, places, and tastes enhance by MW’s uplifting effects. Upgrade your walk to a hike for even higher vibes and next-level views. Your pup will love the exercise too!

Recommended by: @uriel_martinezz96, @markheredia52, @smallandblonde. 

2. Hit the beach (and take some hits while you’re there).

Ah, the beach – so much room for activities! MW is an ideal way to calm and focus your mind so you can find the perfect seashells along the shore. Take a couple of puffs from your MW vape to get ready for a game of volleyball or to relax and recover after you play. No matter what activities you partake in at the beach, MW will help you reach a tropical state of mind similar to your surroundings. The best part is that vaping is so discreet you don’t have to worry about the lifeguards flagging you down. Wind? Not a problem when there’s no flame involved. Vape responsibly nonetheless friends!

Recommended by: @ohdhedzy, @_kchang, @raeokino.

3. Cruise around on your bike. 

MW is reported to have euphoric effects that keep you feeling upbeat and bubbly. Pair that with a cruise around your neighborhood, and you will be sure to unlock a new sense of appreciation for nature. Let go of stress, get your muscles moving, and let your endorphins mingle with MW to bring you to a state of peace and bliss – with a side of adventure!

Recommended by: @mrsborg_mma, @poser.sal recommends skating as well!

4. Get creative! 

MW works wonders in getting the creative juices flowing. Whether your outlet is painting, writing, cooking, making music, dancing to music, graphic design, sewing, etc., MW will provide the inspiration and motivation to keep you flowing.

Recommended by: @smallandblonde. 

5. Go for a swim. 

The ultimate chill. Let MW take you to new depths when you take a puff before diving into the pool. This vape is perfect for swimming, floating, tanning, or playing Marco Polo. With reported effects that feel like you are floating, MW makes pool time 10x more fun (you won’t even realize you are exercising)!

Recommended by: @xx_bearded_king_xx, @zoe.almanza. 

Regardless of the reason or season, MW is a strain we guarantee you will love. As Bloomist @edgarscoundrel puts it, “Anything is enjoyable on MW, even work”!