The Perfect Cannabis Gifts for Any Weed Enthusiast

Gifts For Cannabis Lovers

What do you get the cannabis lover in your life? No matter what holiday or occasion you’re shopping for, anyone pro-pot is much more fun to shop for. Cannabis culture has expanded to include so many stoner tools and accessories that are useful and unique. Connoisseurs and newbies alike will appreciate any of these cannabis gifts, so keep this weed wishlist handy the next time you’re shopping for cannabis lovers.

Gifts for Cannabis Lovers

Interested in making homemade hash? Looking to inspire a stoner’s creativity? This list has something for every weed enthusiast. 

DabX – $199.99

The evolution of cannabis concentrates never ceases to amaze. When old-school bubble hash paved the way to live resin, budder, and shatter, we needed a modern solution to knife hits. When glass blowers stepped up and out of the bong world to deliver specialized equipment for dab rigs the extract market exploded. Now, we have the Rocket mk. 1 by DabX. This titanium device connects to any dab rig and turns it into an electric rig. No more torches and perfectly heated dabs with the touch of a button. 

Pilgrim Soul Creativity Journal – $29.95

It’s no secret that weed sparks creativity, inspiring generations of artists, writers, and creatives of all kinds to elevate their craft. However, creativity is a muscle that you must flex, and with cannabis, it’s a skill that you can strengthen. Pilgrim Soul leveraged this knowledge to create the Pilgrim Soul Creativity Journal. Designed specifically for use while high, this hardcover book is filled with over 200 pages of prompts that will challenge you to think creatively. You might also want to check out their Adult Coloring Book for fun and uplifting images and designs.

Life Flower Bath Bomb Set – $75

There are few ways to relax more deeply than with a CBD-infused bath bomb. For the cannabis lover who enjoys a long, hot bath, consider the Life Flower Most Wanted set. An assortment of five bath bombs, each infused with organic herbs, essential oils, and 50mg CBD. What could make this more luxurious? Each bath bomb contains a corresponding crystal to fit a theme. For example, rose quartz inside the Unconditional Love bomb, and an amethyst inside the Hypnosis bath bomb. 

Goldleaf Tasting Journal – $19.99

Have you ever had a strain you simply adored, only to forget the details later? Yeah, it happens to the best of us. The Goldleaf Cannabis Taster is a journal for logging your likes and dislikes in the weed world. Take note of cannabinoid and terpene profiles, mind and body effects, and other info like genetics, price, and format. Goldleaf makes it easy to track your favorite strains and reference back for unique cultivars or specific effects when you need them. 

Bubble Bags – $147

Bubble Bags are great for anyone that wants to get hands-on experience making hash. The Standard Bag Set comes with everything you need (except for weed) to make your own batch of bubble hash. Also known as ice wax or water hash, this is the OG way to smoke hash and is super simple to make with this at-home hash kit. All you need is trim, small buds, or any weed that may have tried out a bit too soon. Bubble hash is potent, flavorful, and when stored correctly, can last for years. 

Terp Fridge – $500

Speaking of storing your concentrates, the Terp Fridge by Yo Dabba Dabba is the perfect cooling container to keep your extracts fresh. What is cooler (literally) than a custom-designed mini-fridge for your dabs? Each Terp Fridge is decorated with artwork by L.A. artist Lit Britt and is totally unique. Not only does this device keep your dabs at the optimum temperature, but it’s a work of art worth displaying in your home.

Broccoli Magazine  – $39

Unlike other weed magazines, Broccoli is a sophisticated spin on cannabis culture through art, fashion, and weed news. The colorful pages feature editorial content by top industry writers on topics like sex and cannabis and leading psychedelic news. You might even find a surprise blacklight poster. Broccoli comes out three times a year, making it the gift that keeps on giving.

Wrap Up

If you can’t decide what to get, opt for a Bloom gift card and let your loved ones shop for themselves. All Bloom vape pens and dabs are available at several retailers throughout California. These gifts are perfect for potheads, but remember to treat yourself once in a while. What’s on your weed wishlist?