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Care for your flower
like you care for yourself.
Treat's on us.

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treat single pre-roll

Treat Yourself.

We're here to support consumers with a simple way to relax and reconnect with their inner child.

As cannabis consumers ourselves, we have the right to choose how to live our lives, how much to indulge, and how often.

We don’t need society to tell us what is right or wrong.

We take a break and indulge. We never feel guilty and that makes us happy.

We're inviting you to treat yourself, cheer yourself up, and enjoy the moments that make you happy.


More than a brand. We're a treat.

Our mission is to connect people to quality cannabis that comes directly from top master growers.

Each joint contains 1 gram of perfectly ground indoor flower for a clean, smooth burn, and unforgettable high.

Treat is our way of celebrating local cultivators' craft by providing the community with fresh premium joints at mid-shelf prices.