What is Live Resin? 

Live resin is a type of oil extracted from fresh cannabis plants that have been frozen immediately following harvest. The terpene profile of fresh cannabis is slightly different than that of the same strain that undergoes a traditional drying and curing process, and will typically have a stronger taste and aroma. 

What is the difference between Bloom’s Distillate Vapes & Bloom Live Resin?

If you’ve tried Bloom Vape, chances are you will notice a difference between those products and Bloom Live Resin. The main differentiators between Bloom Vape and Bloom Live Resin are in both the extraction process and the terpenes. There is very little difference in color, so you can tell your Bloom Live Resin apart from your Bloom Vape by the blank mouthpiece (as seen below). Bloom Vape will have a branded logo & strain initials on the mouthpiece. 

Bloom Vape

Bloom Vape consists of cannabis distillate made using cured cannabis flower. The reason Bloom Vape provides such bold, vibrant flavor is due to our proprietary blend of 70-100 terpenes that are reintroduced to the oil after extraction. By reintroducing these terpene blends post-extraction, the terpene profile avoids any damage from the extraction process, allowing us to replicate the original strain profile as close as possible.

Bloom Live Resin

Bloom Live Resin, on the other hand, comes from fresh, flash-frozen flower and only utilizes cannabis-derived terpenes retained through the live resin extraction method. In using extremely fresh flower, we are able to preserve a majority of the original terpenes during the extraction process. By maintaining the original terpenes as close to how they were at harvest, live resin offers a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, providing a vape experience that is true to flower in both taste and effect. 

On its own, live resin extract is not viscous enough to work in vape cartridges, so our team formulates our live resin with a base of pure distillate oil that gives the extract the proper consistency to vape. 

What sets Bloom Live Resin apart from other live resin vapes?

Our process and craft batches. When creating Bloom Live Resin, it was crucial for our team to implement a process that would preserve as many of the original plant characteristics as possible, allowing us to deliver a true to strain high and experience. We created strict procedures to ensure each step of the process is carefully and correctly executed. This is essential in creating top-shelf live resin––we can no longer control the consistency of the strains, but we can control the consistency of the quality. 

We know it takes the following to produce top-shelf live resin:

  • - Good growers that know when and how to properly freeze the material.
  • - Transferring the product to your facility while keeping it properly held and without damage.
  • - Performing extraction at the right temperature.
  • - Formulating the product properly (a very precise formulation is needed).
  • - Keeping the product in a temperature-controlled room. 
  • - The hardware needs to be softer on the terpenes and low power to avoid burning them. 

Which vape is the right one for you? 

These two products complement each other, so it depends on your mood, the taste you’re looking for, and the high you’re hoping to achieve. Our goal is to provide a wide variety of suitable products so there's always something available to make your day better. :)