Have you ever been to a dispensary and seen one of these tiny syringe applicators of oil and wondered what it's for? It is essentially the same oil that comes in your vape cartridges, with a few small, yet significant, differences and a wide variety of uses. 

Versatile, strong, and tasty, the Bloom Drop will be the next go-to cannabis product you never knew you needed. 

Activated Oil For Quick Effects 

Unlike Bloom's vape cartridges, the oil inside the Bloom Drop has been decarboxylated (a process in which the oil is warmed to the point where the THC becomes activated). Since the THC is already activated, it does not need to be heated again for effects. This unlocks endless possibilities for the Bloom Drop! Drizzle a tiny dose of oil under your tongue to feel your high set in even quicker. Finally, a way to consume concentrate without any hassle or mess.  

Step Up Your Cooking Game 

The Bloom Drop presents endless opportunities to get creative in the kitchen and offers an easy method for users looking to increase the potency of their edibles quickly. Spice up your cooking by turning any snack into a homemade edible or add a few Drops to an already made edible to make an extra potent batch. For those who are vegan/gluten-free or have dietary restrictions, this is a complete game-changer. Now you can make even the healthiest snacks cannabis-infused, without all the calories. 

Perfect for Dabbing  

The syringe design and glass tip make the Bloom Drop an excellent choice for dabbing. You can expect the same great taste and high potency as Bloom Vape, making Bloom Drop one of the most flavorful dabs on the market. Essentially mess-free, squeeze an appropriate sized Drop onto your rig, and let the good times roll. Pro tip: make sure you are dabbing this oil at low temperatures to preserve the terpene profiles for the freshest taste and effects. 

Give Your Buds a Boost 

Do you ever feel like your flower could use an extra boost? Perhaps your tolerance is getting a little high for your pockets? The Bloom Drop is the perfect solution! Squeeze a little oil on top of a bowl or add a strip when rolling a joint or blunt and taste the difference it makes. The Bloom Drop tests ~80% THC or higher, giving your bud an extra punch of power that you are sure to feel. This makes the Drop an ideal way to conserve your buds and make your stash last a little longer. Pro tip: try finding the Bloom Drop in the same strain that matches the flower you are smoking. The terpenes are sure to enhance the effects even more!  

A Reliable Refill 

The Bloom Drop is also perfect for filling empty vape cartridges. If you purchase your own cartridges or are looking to reuse ones you already own, make sure you buy hardware that can be re-opened or reused so you can fill it with the dropper. If you're feeling particularly bold, try mixing a couple different strains together in the same tank for a mix of different tastes and effects! 

Whether you eat it, dab it, or vape it, the Bloom Drop comes loaded with tasty terpenes and strong potency for a great experience no matter how you choose to get there. Make sure you ask your Budtender for them at your local shop!

Written by Sarah B.