Cannabis In The News

Cannabis In The News Puff, puff, pass. Studies show that 1 in 8 adults smoke marijuana in the United States

Opioid Abuse Plummets in States With Legal Marijuana

States with medical marijuana programs continue to experience lower rates of opioid addiction and overdoses.

Cannabis Infused Avocado Toast

The California classic just got a whole lot better.

Cannabis In The News

Read on for the biggest industry news, broken down for you.

A Letter To Our Bloom Supporters

State policies require changes in demo deals. See more for details.

The Next Generation

Meet the next generation of your favorite disposable vape, the Bloom One.

Q&A: Why Bloom Oil Darkens in Time

Learn why your favorite Bloom strains darken in time.

In Full Bloom

The Bloom Brand is now available in San Francisco!

How Bloom is Made: Behind the Scenes with Capna Labs

Sarah Berrafato dives into the Bloom extraction process with Capna Labs Chief Officer, Gene Galyuk.