What is Live Resin, and Why is it so Special? 

Live Resin is a cannabis extract made by freezing the cannabis plant immediately after harvest to capture the terpenes while still alive (hence the name). This process maintains the plant’s original terpene profile, producing authentic taste and effects.

This process differs from the usual drying and curing process that cannabis plants normally undergo, which causes the plant to release a large amount of the moisture it typically retains, damaging the trichomes and wreaking havoc on the terpenes. By skipping this step entirely, live resin producers end up with a finished product that more closely resembles the original strain’s natural flavors and effect.(1) 

Why Do Customers Prefer to Smoke Live Terpenes? 

Live resin’s broad terpene profile makes for a more aromatic, better tasting concentrate. This complex profile also contributes to the entourage effect—a term used to describe how different cannabinoids and terpenes work together to enhance their benefits, making the product more effective. (1) This is why live resin is so much more flavorful than the cured varieties of concentrates, and also the main reason why live resin is so popular with cannabis enthusiasts. More terpenes equate to stronger effects and a fuller high.

More Than a Trend 

In addition to the enhanced taste and effects that live resin offers, the extract has become more widely available and is now offered in various consumption methods. In previous years, live resin extract required a ‘dab setup’ to consume. These setups can be being costly like the concentrate itself. You can now find live resin in many different vape cartridges, at more affordable prices, making the extract more available and easier to consume.

Cannabis consumers were already flocking to vapes for the ease and discrete nature of cartridges, but finding one that offered a real cannabis experience previously proved hard to find. That changed with live resin cartridges, which offer an authentic, potent experience made more affordable and portable. The continuous sales and high quality products seem to prove that live resin is more than just a trend.

How is BLOOM Live Resin Different?

BLOOM Live Resin contains up to ~200 fresh, never frozen terpenes extracted within the first 24hrs following harvest, preserving a wide range of cannabinoids and live terpenes for a full high. Depending on the genetics, we are able to retain up to 95% of the original terpene profile via subcritical H2O extraction. This is the only method that allows us to extract up to ~200 terpenes without damaging them.

Each month, our team of strain curators finds new, superior cultivars from growers in Humboldt to Santa Barbara to craft into limited batches of BLOOM Live Resin. If you’re interested in trying an authentic live resin experience packed with superior flavor and potency, pick up a BLOOM Live Resin cartridge, available in CA.


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