Terpenes. By now you’ve heard of them, but do you really know what they are, or more importantly, what they do?

Terpenes are the naturally occurring aromas and scents found in all kinds of herbs, plants, and fruits. Why is it important to know what they do? From orange peels to fresh pine, these powerful scents of terpenes have a major influence over our senses and can affect how we feel. Just learning which terpenes aid in helping you feel better can be extremely useful throughout life.

There are over 100 different terpenes in the cannabis plant alone, all of which help contribute to finding the right cannabis for you to enjoy or medicate with. For example, some terpenes are extremely successful in relieving stress and aiding relaxation, while others help promote focus and productivity. The terpene Myrcene, for instance, has a sedating effect and is known to induce sleep, whereas Limonene elevates mood and boosts attitude. As you can see, the effects they produce vary from terp to terp, which explains why you might choose to smoke an indica before bed and sativa during the day. To sum it up, they’re the most important part of cannabis.

When it comes to the terpenes used in vapes there are basically two different classifications; plant-made, as discussed above, and food-grade (terps made in a lab), like the blend formulated for our Bloom cartridges. There is also a huge misconception about the two, in that many people believe using food-grade terpenes is somehow less natural or safe than using plant-made terps, which could not be further from the truth. In fact, there are a couple reasons why Bloom uses terpenes made in a professional lab and those reasons begin with purity. 

In order to extract THC from the cannabis plant, heat, pressure, or some kind of modification to the molecules will always be needed to create the end product. What does this kind of stress do to the terpenes in the plant? Well, the terps that do survive become oxidized, which means they are now completely different from the original terpenes in that plant. In addition to those terpenes now being changed into an unknown oxidized form, research and studies from the University of Gothenberg have shown that most people are actually allergic to oxidized terpenes. So if you happen to get itchy or slightly irritated when you smoke, it is possible this may be from oxidized terps.

By using terpenes made in the lab we know exactly what’s in our terps, with certificates of analysis that tell us how pure they are and how long they last for. In addition to avoiding oxidation issues, using these food-grade terps allows us to make specific blends of terpenes (around 40-80 per strain) that mimic the original terpene profiles 1:1, giving you the same experience you would feel from smoking the product in flower form as you do while vaping our cartridges.

The other reason Bloom uses food-grade terps is to achieve absolute consistency, which can only be done through standardization.


Just like all of our own personalities, every batch of cannabis is unique, and there are many factors that influence these differences. For example, Skywalker OG from this season is not the same Skywalker OG from last season, based on many factors such as environmental changes, growing changes, or maybe there was even a different grower involved. That means last season’s terpene blend and this season’s terpene blend are different and will never be the same because it is impossible to standardize.

Instead of only offering seasonal options, Bloom wants to be able to recreate the same recipe every single time, every single year, in every single city. And by using these 99% pure food-grade terps made in a certified lab, we know with 99% certainty that you will be getting the same exact recipe blend last year as you are this year, and the same blend in Washington as you are in California. Why is this consistency so important to us? So that you, the cannabis user, can now start to use Bloom’s standardized terpene blends to determine which terpene blends affect you and how.

So while the importance of terpenes in cannabis can be tough to explain, their effects on us are impossible to ignore. Next time you’re vaping a strain that makes you feel happy, try doing a little research about the terps that make up the strain. You’ll be surprised to find how many other strains offer similar terpene blends that might make you feel even better!