The term “flow state” seemed to be in almost every self-help/fitness podcast title during 2017. Of course I heard about it first on The Joe Rogan Experience back before bow hunting was the only thing he talked about. In episode #873, Steven Kolter talked about being diagnosed with Lyme disease and how he used surfing to tap into his flow state to help his recovery process. The more podcasts I listened to the more I would hear about this “flow state”. What is Flow State exactly? Some refer to it as "In the Zone" but to really break it down, flow is when you're completely absorbed by what you're doing that you almost lose your sense of space and time. It’s when you're performing an activity and are fully immersed in a feeling of this energized focus. In my research, running, surfing, and even showering, were just a few activities people would exclaim they would achieve this state. I do at least one of those things daily. So thus began my chase to find my flow state.

Around the same time, I was reading “Big Magic” by Elizabeth Gilbert. A great read for any creative thinker, no matter your craft. In the book she spoke to a poet who said she would be out gardening and it was as if she would see a poem floating through the air. A spark. An idea coming right for her. As it would pick up speed, she would drop everything and run as fast as she could to her desk so she would be ready when it would finally make it to her. I started breaking down other’s experiences with flow state, trying to pay more attention to my own self when I would happen upon it. That’s the thing with flow state, a lot of the time you have no control over when it happens. It just flows. I’d felt it before. It would come during a run or in yoga. The weirdest place it kept recurring was in heavy traffic. What do all of these activities have in common? They are monotonous but still take effort. Take the poet doing yard work for example, this was a mundane task she had done probably a hundred times. Part of her brain is in autopilot giving the ability to let the other side, say the creative side, wander. I looked back at my own experiences with “flow state” and I saw the same pattern. Some of my best ideas have come while running, something I still (semi) look forward to but have done for years. Muscle memory kicks in and I enjoy the process.

I thought I had it figured out. I would do the activities that I knew would set me into flow state and hope for the best. Until, that is, I was introduced to PEX by The Bloom Brand and it was like finding the missing part of the equation. Monotonous yet semi-enjoyable task plus Pineapple Express equals the key to unlocking my personal flow state. I felt like a mad scientist when I finally put all of this together. I had cracked the code. I figured out by creating this perfect set and setting that I could use Bloom to access my flow state faster. I started setting “Flow State Dates” with myself. I had noticed smoking this particular strain gave me this electrifying high. My brain feels as if its bouncing off the walls with ideas. I can’t get enough and now with their new CCELL hardware the high feels even smoother and almost easier to access. I keep my Bloom pen, an actual pen, and pad of paper in a central location so they are easily accessible. Preparing my high for success seems to allow the cascade effect to really come into play. I’ve tested my theory with other strains from both them and other brands but nothing comes close to the perfect place Pineapple Express puts me in and because of that, I will forever be having a love affair with The Bloom Brand.