Last updated December 18, 2019

We from been using The Bloom Brand for the past couple of months. Wonder our opinion on this brand? Keep reading…!

The Bloom Products

The first thing we noticed about this brand is the very special products they offer. Not only the flavors are very unique (like GSC and “King Louis XIII”), but also the products itself: besides the regular vape methods (pens, cartridges and pods) they sell a very unique kind of drops. The drops of Bloom are nothing like regular CBD tinctures: these drops are very strong, containing a high level of THC and come in a syringe. Reason enough for us to try this unique product and some unique flavors: The products we ended up buying are the Bloom Vape (“Champagne Kush” taste, you’ve read that correctly), and the Bloom Drop (“Blue Dream”). 
Another thing we really like about Bloom is that there is NO PG or VG added in their vape products. As described in this article, PG and VG are unhealthy thinning agents that can become toxic when heated.
So, let’s see if the products are as good as they look…

Our Experience

Let’s start off with the Bloom Vape. The first thing we noticed is the very nice flavor. “Wow, this actually tastes like real champagne… or even better!” is what one of our moderators said. And we all couldn’t agree more, what an amazing taste! 
About a few minutes later after taking some puffs, we felt really energetic and happy. Just like regular champagne, this product felt perfect for partying… That’s why we decided to try the product at a real party instead of just at home, and we were absolutely right: the Vape Bloom IS better than real champagne! 
Another thing we noticed is despite the great effects, we only took a few puffs. This is also the reason why it took us so long to finish the full product. So not only does this product have great effects, it’s also affordable in the long run as well!

What About The Bloom Drop?

The other product of this brand we tried is the Bloom Drop. You can use this product in several ways, but we decided to add it to some food. Again the taste was really good. And the effects? Once again amazing… The drops were even stronger than we thought, so we might have used a little bit too much… but we had a very good time for sure!

The conclusion

After using the Bloom Brand for a while we can’t get enough of it. We even bought some other vape flavors already, we can’t wait to try them all! Our overall rating for this brand is a 8.5 out of 10!

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