People are more invested in personal health than ever before. From GMO-free diets to yoga studios in every mall, humans have become more mindful of what goes inside their bodies and how it affects their daily lives. Consumer research by Rodale Inc., shows ‘healthier’ food sales have seen a huge increase since 2016 when 73% of consumers made the switch to healthier versions of food. However, these healthy trends are not just exclusive to the food and beverage industry. It is becoming increasingly popular for consumers to take the same health measures when considering which cannabis products to consume. 
The Bloom Brand aims to help empower consumers to make the same deliberate, healthy lifestyle choices when it comes to vaping; and that begins at extraction. Bloom previously used CO2 as it is widely accepted as a safe solvent for extraction. However, after careful thought and deliberation, their team decided to make the switch to ethanol, a food grade alcohol. 
To learn more about ethanol extraction, Bloom Brand Ambassador, Sarah, had the chance to sit down with Gene Galyuk, Chief Development Officer at Capna Labs, to delve deeper into how the Bloom magic is made.

S: Thanks for taking some time away from the lab to answer a few questions for us! So Gene, how long have you been an extraction engineer?

G: I’ve been in extraction tech for close to 7 years.

S: Wow, that’s a long time. So why did you guys make the decision to switch from Co2 extraction to ethanol?

G: It was very difficult to achieve a high purity extract with CO2 extraction technology. We couldn’t advertise a pure CO2 extract because the extract would require a purification step where it would contact Ethanol. So once it was established that we needed a new extraction method, we designed it around Ethanol. Ethanol is renewable, edible, and non-explosive. All things required for food grade extraction!

S: That makes sense! I’ve been told there is no artificial flavoring added to Bloom’s oil. If that’s true, how are the cartridges so flavorful?

G: The flavors that you experience when vaping a Bloom product are pure organic terpenes! We add anywhere from 40-80 terpenes per strain, all of which are derived from natural plant essence. Bloom products are strain specific formulations. This means if you were to test the terpene profile of a Skywalker flower, that profile would match identically to the terpene profile in a Bloom Skywalker cart. This technology allows us to produce great tasting, consistent, products that are rich in flavor and carry strong effects identical to their flower counterparts.

S: Ah, so that explains why BD is my favorite to vape! Bloom advertises as being ‘solvent-free’, can you explain to us what that means exactly?
G: Yes, but first it is important to know the difference between solvent-free and solventless. Solventless refers to the process, which means no foreign substances were added to create the product, like rosin, which uses only heat and pressure. Solvent-free means there are no foreign substances in the end product, which we are able to achieve through using Ethanol, which removes all the fats and lipids during extraction. Our oil is then triple distilled to remove any remaining impurities, pigments, and basically everything that’s not thc, cbd, or cbn. Many other extraction methods that utilize Co2 or butane for example, often require a lengthy purge process to safely remove most, if not all, residual solvents from the final product.

S: Are there benefits from removing the impurities during, rather than after, extraction?

G: Yes! Seeing that our process does not require a second step, it not only saves us time in production, but it also makes for the enhancement of flavor in our vapes since there’s nothing to affect the terpene profile, allowing them to work even stronger.

S: Taste is definitely one of the main reasons I prefer to vape Bloom, but why do you think our oil stands out against our competitors?

G: Our process is not much different from our competitors. It’s the ideology that rests in the heart of Bloom as a company. We have strict quality controls placed on every process, from production to brand availability. It’s how we treat our consumers that really sets us apart. Each Bloom product is sent through multiple tests, labeled with a batch number, and is never stored for longer than one day at our packaging department. This allows us to provide the freshest products to our loyal patients. Not many people know that natural terpenes have a short shelf life, so to us, it’s imperative that products are packaged the day of delivery. This is why our flavors are always so tasty!

S: My tastebuds couldn’t agree more! Thank you Gene for taking the time to sit down with me to help us all understand Bloom’s extraction process a little better. And thanks for all your hard work in the lab!

G: My pleasure!

Interview by Bloom Ambassador Sarah B.
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