Not sure what temperature to vape at? 

Here are 4 Reasons You Should Vape at Low Temperatures


Suppose your oil contains a high amount of terpenes, like BLOOM. In that case, it is best to use a low-temperature setting for vaping and dabbing to avoid burning the oil and damaging the terpene profile. Friendly reminder: terpenes are hugely responsible for the taste, aroma, & effects of each strain. When you vape at too high of a temp, those vital compounds boil away or become damaged. Lower temps protect the terpenes, allowing them to produce a full, bold flavor. Plus, burnt oil tastes gross. #TasteYourTerpenes

For this reason, we customized the hardware in our BLOOM Batteries specifically to our oil’s viscosity to preserve the terpenes. This is why we recommend using our battery or one with a voltage set between 3.2v-3.7v for best results when vaping BLOOM.

Low temps = Max flavor. 


Quick hits paired with a high temperature run the risk of overheating your battery. This can result in damage such as your battery breaking or your cartridge clogging. ? Instead, try lower temperatures with 1-2 seconds between each puff.

Thanks to advanced CCELL vape technology, BLOOM’s hardware is customized to prevent overheating as well. 🙂


Lower temperatures prevent clogging and overheating, which results in smoother hits throughout the length of your vape. A higher temperature also results in harsher hits (ouch).

Our motto: Low & Slow is the Way to Go! Low heat & slow hits are the key to success with BLOOM vapes.


When you vape or dab oil at temperatures that are too high, you essentially burn away the cannabinoids & terpenes/terpenoids that are responsible for the effect you intended to feel from consuming it. Low temperatures protect these compounds, allowing for full, authentic effects and an enjoyable high.

Turn down the temp and taste the terps. 

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