Introducing the New Bloom Vape!

After months of intensive product development, Bloom is proud to announce the 3rd generation of the BloomVape! In order to update you properly, here’s some questions we’d like to address:  What changed with the 3rd generation?  Well,…

Lets Get Scientific: Cannabis & it works with our bodies.

Cannabis is rapidly becoming more accepted in American society as a recreational drug. With the ascension of its popularity, comes increased research in how it works, its effects, and its potential utility. Let’s start off with the fundamentals: Part…

Talking Terpenes

Terpenes. By now you’ve heard of them, but do you really know what they are, or more importantly, what they do? Terpenes are the naturally occurring aromas and scents found in all kinds of herbs, plants, and fruits. Why is it important…

Treat––Hall of Flowers B2B Premium Cannabis Trade Show

Hall of Flowers is a licensed, industry-only, highly curated B2B show.

18 Concentrate Brands You Should Know About

18 Concentrate Brands You Should Know About

How Bloom Oil is made

Cannabis extraction methodology can be complicated.

Marijuana Manufacturing: Gold Rush & Oil Boom Rolled into One

In the next three to five years, oil-based products are probably going to own 40 to 50% of market.

Bloom Test Results Confirmation

Further confirmation that Bloom products are safe to consume.